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  • Bolted Valves
  • Single Union Valves
  • True-Union Ball Valves

    GreenLeaf’s polypropylene ball valves (1/2” to 4” in full or standard port) are:

    • Designed to handle a range of shutoff applications for agriculture, plumbing and hose distribution needs;
    • Preferred for durability, reliability, easy operation and performance in a range of pressures and temperatures;
    • Precision molded with the highest quality materials; reinforced with fiberglass for additional strength;
    • USA-made, 100%-tested high-quality products from GreenLeaf, an ISO-certified company.

    High inventory levels assure quick delivery; custom and retail packaging is available; volume discounts available through our sales department; backed by GreenLeaf’s product guara

  • Quick Shut-Off Valves
  • Replacement Parts 4 - 6 Bolt Valves
  • 2-Way Solenoid Valve