Gator Lock featured on Discovery’s ‘Gold Rush: Dave Turin’s Lost Mine’

Check out how our Gator Lock stands up to brutally freezing cold conditions in Montana in this clip from Discovery’s ‘Gold Rush: Dave Turin’s Lost Mine’.

Cold weather means more work, no doubt about it. As overnight temperatures plummet, Dave and team must overcome frozen machinery to get the plant running.

When nothing else wants to work, you can depend on Gator Lock and the Fluid Flow Experts at Green Leaf.

Made in the USA, The Gator Lock Coupling by Green Leaf® is available in different sizes ranging from 1/2” to 3”, and in eight universal configurations of fittings involving male adapter, female adapter, hose shank, plug, cap, and many NPT thread variations. The Gator Lock coupling which is a patented positive locking system to keep the arms from unintentionally coming open from pump or transport vibration is a popular fitting because of this safety feature. Green Leaf’s Gator Lock is a reliable way of connecting and disconnecting equipment that transfers fluid like sprayers, pumps, hoses, and many other applications.

Green Leaf’s line of Gator Lock couplings are designed to interchange with other brands and materials like aluminum and stainless steel. Depending on whether you need a male or female adaptor or coupling, male or female NPT thread, hose shank, plug or cap, Green Leaf has a solution for you.

The Fluid Flow Experts of Green Leaf, an ISO certified company, pledges to bring our expertise in product engineering, manufacturing, distribution and customer service to our diverse line of fluid flow high quality parts and to deliver the right part, on time and at the right price.

Gold Rush: Dave Turin’s Lost Mine

Dave Turin spent years working alongside Todd Hoffman and earned the nickname “Dozer Dave.” Now, Dave is planning a spectacular return to gold mining, as he searches for a lost and abandoned mine to resurrect, and chase the gold the old-timers left behind.

‘Gold Rush: Dave Turin’s Lost Mine’ follows Dave Turin sets out on a new adventure to continue his pursuit of the prized yellow stuff.
A fan favourite of Discovery’s popular ‘Gold Rush’ series, expert gold miner Dave Turin helps to resurrect families failing mines. Now, using his expertise and the backing of financiers, he’s on a mission to find gold in a long abandoned mine and turn a profit for the families.

Dave Turin spent years working alongside Todd Hoffman, earning the nickname `Dozer Dave’ because of the many hours he spent bulldozing for gold. In his return, Dave is his own boss, and he’s on a mission to find an abandoned mine to resurrect in the hope that old-timers left gold behind. He explores the history of each mine, a search that culminates in Dave picking the one that he can turn into newfound riches.