String Wing Wick Applicator

The String Wing Wick Applicator by Green Leaf has been designed for commercial usage. The String Wing allows you to build any length applicator you want, from the convenient 5’ sections you can build 10’, 15’, 20’, etc. sections, and the 5’ sections reduce the problem of the wick drying out.

Green Leaf wick applicators work with any herbicide and our unique arrangement provides a double wipe allowing for a more even application rate resulting in better kill. Each String Wing Wick Applicator has its own 1 1/4” fill opening and breather to prevent vapor locking or pressure surges.

Our extensive product line is focused on fluid flow & related components. This means Green Leaf is able to meet our customers complete needs. Whether you are landscaping or out on the back 40, Green Leaf has the top quality fluid flow products and component parts to help you get the job done.

By trusting Green Leaf’s 40 years of experience, you can be assured that your fluid flow needs are not only met, but places you in the position to succeed. Your Success is Our Success!

Can’t find what you’re looking for? No worries, we make custom parts as well!

Let us use our expertise to help you make the right choice, we have been producing high
quality wick applicators for over four decades. Green Leaf wick applictors are Made In America and pledges to be committed to its distributors and the agricultural market by developing new products, providing quality product assurance, and delivering superior customer service.

Green Leaf is an ISO certified company and pledges to bring its “Fluid Flow” expertise in product engineering, manufacturing, distribution and customer service to its diverse line of quality parts and to deliver the right part, on time and at the right price. 

String Wing

Part#: SW

  • Use with your choice of herbicide to wick-away unwanted weeds
  • Wick arrangement gives a double wipe which means an even application rate and a better kill.
  • 5’ sections help reduce wicks from drying out when applying on uneven ground where the wick bar is constantly tilted.
  • Build any length applicator you want with the “String Wing”, the convenient 5’ sections allow you to build 10’, 15’, 20’, etc. sections.
  • The special design of alternating wicks on the end cap means when you put “String Wings” end to end you get full swath coverage; (No spots missed).
  • Each “String Wing” has its own 1 1/4” fill opening and a breather to prevent vapor locking or pressure surges due to weather temperatures

String Wing - Bucket Mount

Part#: SWBM

  • Securely mount your String Wing Wick Applicator to the bucket of a tractor to tackle weeds.
  • String Wing sold separately