Mission/Pledge Guidelines

Our Mission

It is our promise to adhere to the below principles recognizing our responsibility to our Customer, our People and our Business.

Our Pledge

To work hard, be passionate and enjoy providing superior products while meeting or exceeding our customers’ needs and expectations.

With effective communication and exceptional service we will build a relationship with our suppliers and customers based on trust and loyalty.

For Customers
Green Leaf pledges to bring our expertise in product engineering, manufacturing, distribution and customer service to our diverse line of fluid flow parts and to deliver superior products, accurately and on time while maintaining a fair price.

For Employees
Green leaf pledges to maintain a safe and inviting environment for all employees while providing fair wages and the opportunity to excel and grow.

We value honesty, integrity and mutual respect; each person
will be considered an individual; we will succeed as a team.

For Business
Green Leaf pledges to make a sound profit. We must create reserves, carry on research, develop programs and pay for mistakes.

Equipment and machines will need purchased, facilities built and new products launched. By achieving these things we will continue to increase sales and profits.