New Patent Helps Farmers Save Time, Sets New Benchmark for Spray Tech

Fontanet, IN–May 2, 2017–The fluid flow experts of Green Leaf®, Incorporated, an Indiana manufacturer is proud to partner with Lechler in announcing its newly patented “pinch to remove” maintenance system, allowing farmers to easily remove the spray nozzles injector without tools to check and clean it quickly, drastically reducing spraying down time. Exclusive to Lechler’s IDTA nozzles, this technology provides excellent user protection and safety since the injector can be removed without tools and while wearing protective gloves.

This development is the result of Lechler’s intensive research and discussions with farmers in the field to help improve their spraying. Thanks to more than 135 years experience, Lechler’s technology has helped farmers improve spray efficiency, lower costs and increase crop yields. Distributed exclusively by Green Leaf in the United States and Canada, Lechler’s patented IDTA spray tips are the latest in a wide range of agricultural spray nozzles.

“Our goal is to always be at the forefront of new developments in the Ag market,” according to Pete Goda, President of Green Leaf. “This proprietary technology lets farmers save time and get back to spraying crops faster. By offering the latest technology, we help farmers focus on what they do best.”

The IDTA nozzle also provides improved spray coverage on the front and rear sides of canopied crops, and is designed to deliver these improvements at higher driving speeds. To purchase Lechler’s spray tips you can visit to buy online or go to a store near you.

While farmers face stricter environmental regulations for drift, reducing the options available for spraying pesticides, the IDTA gives another good spray program option back to the farmers. Extremely low-drift, air-induction twin flat spray nozzle for optimal deposition and reduced spray drift at higher driving speeds when compared to other styles of nozzles.

A ceramic core for long service life lets farmers keep spraying when other nozzles have worn out and need replacement. Thanks to a 90% drift reduction approval rating from Europe’s key ag engineering groups, an Ultra Coarse to Medium spray droplet working range, and a unique twin pattern that maximizes deposition, Lechler’s IDTA spray tips stand up to challenging wind conditions. Lechler’s US Patent No. US 9,527,100 covers its full range of IDTA spray tips. And because of it’s twin and directional pattern design, coverage on the front and rear sides of vertical crop targets is significantly increased when compared to standard spray patterns.