Paul Lechler founded Lechler GmbH in 1879 as a specialty industrial supplier in Stuttgart, Germany. By the 1890’s Lechler had acquired specialized nozzle technology and became a manufacturer.

In the 1970’s, Lechler made its entry into the North American market when it formed a relationship with Spraco, a long–established nozzle manufacturer in the United States. In 1987, Spraco became Lechler, Inc., which serves North America and is the second largest sales and manufacturing company in the Lechler Group of international companies. Today, Lechler is still owned by the Lechler family and has facilities worldwide.

The Lechler Group has been the market leader in Europe for spray products, and as a whole, the Lechler Group is one of the largest manufacturers of spray nozzles, engineered systems, and accessories in the world. Lechler products are used for applications in manufacturing, environmental engineering, and agriculture.

Precision Spray Nozzles and Engineered Solutions

Lechler products and services have developed a well-earned reputation for superior quality based on concurrent engineering, well-defined processes, skilled and experienced workforce, state-of-the-art facilities and equipment and the firm desire to continually improve our operations in a search for best practices to exceed requirements.

Lechler is committed to provide QUALITY – FIRST TIME, EVERY TIME.

Lechler partnered with Green Leaf Inc in 2007 as the North American distributor for Lechler Ag nozzles. Green Leaf, a US manufacturer, is a known leader in the agricultural industry for providing high quality fluid flow components. Green Leaf has a full range of ball valves, cam lever couples, and various fittings sold worldwide.

Together, with over 150 years of experience and combined knowledge to draw from, Lechler & Green Leaf, provide solutions to your spray nozzle and engineered service needs. Green Leaf, Inc is 9001 certified by NSR-ISR and our unvarying goal is to provide the best customer service, turnaround time, quality and competitive pricing.